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I have a 15 year old son who is more intelligent than I am. As background, I have an IQ of around 125, his is somewhere in the 135–140 range. I don’t know if that qualifies as a “significant” difference, but some days it certainly does feel “significant” to me.

I first began to notice his intelligence was likely superior to mine when he…

And she uses it to this day

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Once I co-opted the dining room and put giant post-it note stickies all over the walls so that I could teach my son conceptual modeling.

Another time I created an Agile roadmap for deep cleaning the garage and managed the whole…

Or why “no-code” is a re-branding of something we once called “shadow IT”.

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I’ve worked in companies big and small, sometimes within business units and other time within IT units. For a while now I have been an IT Product Manager in a fortune 500 company.

An idea that is on the rise is “no-code” solutions. You know, those solutions which are supposed to be abstracted away from writing code, and configurable to such a degree that any non-technical person can use them to build out solutions which solve business problems quickly and of course, without having to code.


A Short Fiction Story

Courtesy of Unsplash, Keto Sevo
Courtesy of Unsplash, Keto Sevo

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When my kids were quite young, they had jobs around the house. I always thought that a job well done should equate to a payday, so each of my kids had a small allowance for getting their chores done.

My son’s allowance was $5 a week. He was 8 years old at the time. (Okay, yes, this was more than a few years ago.) For this, he was responsible for cleaning his room, cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, loading the dishwasher, and taking out the trash. …

A little bright light in the midst of Covid

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At the time, I had a teenager and a middle schooler. Even though they both tried to act as if they weren’t listening to all my talk about multiple income streams, I still kept talking about it all of the time. …

She sat nervously in the waiting room, waiting for the nurse to come out and call her name.

She’d never been to therapy before.

An unfortunate MRI incident had brought…

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“Due to severe weather in the area, the flight from Atlanta to Birmingham has been canceled. Please see me at the desk to book the next available flight for tomorrow morning.”

A collective groan went up from the people in the waiting area. The clock said 1:05 am. The flight had already been delayed 3 times. Some people started to form a line at the gate to rebook their flight. A man in a blue shirt and kahkis said loudly to the group of waiting passengers “Hey, if anybody is interested, I’m going to rent a car and drive home…

A Life’s Reconciliation

It’s well past midnight when the Card Carrier enters the hospital room.

The daughter is sleeping in the uncomfortable, faux leather corner chair, her mouth open, softly snoring.

She wakes as the Card Carrier opens the door.

Her father, a very old man, is lying in the hospital bed, connected to machines through a spider web of wires. He is breathing heavily and haltingly; some who are familiar with death would say his breathing is a death rattle.

The daughter is not sure at first of the identity of the Card Carrier. Perhaps it is a new…

How an unpleasant event from my childhood shaped my views on money

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It was 1975 and she was a young, single parent trying to raise 2 small children on a meager income. We were a family of three, living in a tiny one-bedroom dump of an apartment where my sister and I shared a bedroom and my mother slept on a fold-out cot in the living room. …

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